HD-A02 waterborne amino alkyd enamel


Beijing Jinhuili Application Chemicals Co., Ltd. is a new technology enterprise registered in Beijing Zhongguancun New Technology Development Zone. The company has the best technicians and business managers. The company's products have passed the market research-development-production-market sales process and strictly controlled the entire process, fulfilling its commitment to customers with high product quality and consistency. The company is a young knowledge-based team, focusing on teamwork, pursuing innovation and efficiency.

In 1999, the company developed a waterborne amino alkyd enamel HD-A02 for drum coating. This product's technical performance indicators have reached the national industrial coating standards, and in line with the National Environmental Protection Agency industrial coatings green certification standards. This product uses water as a diluent, with no heavy metal, non-flammable, non-explosive, non-toxic, easy to transport, easy to save, easy to use features.

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