The confusion of printing ink

Confused background: For my mind, there is a mystery that I can't unravel, and once, in the UV printing process using light gold paper and white ink, occasionally there is a bit of ink at the bite. When the power of the UV lamp was adjusted from 60% to 80%, the phenomenon of pulling ink was ag---

Digital printing key

1. For proofs that need to be printed in a combination of offset and digital printing, toner-based printing is worth considering. 2. The image or text printed on the digital printer should be 0.125-0.25 inches away from the edge of the proof to prevent the toner from cracking. 3. Try to avoid ov---

Talk about customizing commercial CTP process

"Digital Printing Factory" is the common goal of the development of the printing industry in the pan-network era. Digital proofing, direct plate making machines, digital production processes, digital printing machines, and printing service resource management systems have become the focu---

Avoid print quality accident case analysis

Printing is a process of mass reproduction. It is a kind of high-speed, continuous production. Its main purpose is to produce qualified and high-quality prints. Due to the large number of processes, there are many factors that affect the quality of the printed matter. The quality problem is often ---