Normal >    Gopert launched Ovation in 2003. So far, there are 15 devices in operation around the world. In North America, Australia, Africa, and Europe, carton manufacturers trust and rely on this directly driven device that can enhance a company's competitiveness. Normal &g---

Japan develops new meat packaging materials

A company in Japan recently developed a high-absorbent fiber for food packaging that has been used as a food packaging material and has been made available by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The non-woven sheet made of this highly water-absorbing and highly hygroscopic fiber absorbs 50m1 ---

See L'Oreal's "two-pronged approach"

L'Oreal's recently launched 30-ml bottle of "L'Oreal snow double dual pure whitening care solution" uses a dual-tube pump head, this package is rarely seen in the domestic market. L'Oreal is the first to use dual-tube pump heads in its products. This dual-tube pump head ---