Rat β Amyloid (βAP) Elisa Kit

Experimental principle of rat β amyloid protein (βAP) Elisa kit This kit uses the double antibody sandwich method to determine the level of rat β amyloid protein (βAP) in the specimen. Microporous plates were coated with purified rat β-amyloid (βAP) antibody to make solid-phase ant---

Strong heart, Apple ushered in new challenges

Many people will say that the departure of Jobs has also taken away some of the apples, and the development of Apple will become more and more difficult. But Xiao Bian believes that although Apple's father left, it is a challenge for Apple to find new opportunities and usher in the new dawn o---

Classification of furniture materials

Solid wood: Its material is mainly divided into hardwood and softwood. Hardwood is more suitable for openwork, and furniture made of cork is affordable. 1. Hardwood It can also be called “redwood”. From the beginning, it was not the furniture of a particular tree species, but the gen---