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Yunnan purple pear export packaging

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Lollipop Packing Machine applies for packing lollipop and other solid food with regular shape, new structure, pretty looking, low noise, working smoothly, low fault occuring and convient to repair.

AC mator with transducer, controlled with infinite speed control, high precision,power saving so that it can extend the usage term.also it can be dynamic regulated when its working.

Controlled by LCD computer, photoelectric color control patch sensor, traced bi-directional with high speed, precise design so that the fault can be removed effective to avoid material waste.


Lollipop Packing Machine has intelligent temperature controller with high veracity, show direct viewing and convenient enactment.
The parts of the machine contacted with foods are made of stainless steel and up to be healthy standards.
rotary type material feeding device can be adjusted optional without any interval.
Overlarge candy settling plate are working sectionally and bi-directional, low empty package.
It can be equipped with printer, auto hopper, stainless steel crust to use.

Lollipop Packing Machine

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