How Packaging Design Creates Value for Products


1, the importance of packaging

First of all, the product is the carrier for the company to realize various benefits, and the packaging is delivering value to the customer in a specific form. Second, packaging is the medium that represents the most contact with consumers and the lowest cost, delivering the value of brands and products. When a customer purchases a product, it first determines the value of the product through packaging, and the judgment of value is achieved not only from an aesthetic point of view, but through the information delivered by the package to satisfy or guide his potential needs. The role that packaging can play requires that we value packaging design so that it creates new value for us. At the same time, we also need new packaging design concepts and methods to achieve this goal. From the perspective of combining theory with practice, we will discuss how packaging design can create value for products.

2. Values ​​created by packaging design and ways to create value

The value of a product is mainly composed of two parts: one is the use value of the product, that is, the quality of the product. This value consumer can only feel after using it; the other part is the value of the selling point of the brand and product conveyed through the packaging design. This is achieved by graphically implying the consumer's psychological feelings. Therefore, a good packaging design can not only effectively disseminate product information, but also improve the product's psychological value. When a customer purchases a product, not only must he understand the actual use value, but also can convey information hints through packaging design. He can gain many non-product benefits. How can we create added value beyond product quality? We can use external resources and products from the following aspects to increase the value of our products.

1) Use of Geographical Symbols and Product Linkage Many production sites have a high reputation and reputation. Cleverly applying graphics that symbolize the place of origin to packaging design will create a good association for the product and create new products. More added value.

2) Making use of the connection between humanities culture and products Many products are famous for the reason that a poem or a celebrity can be used to design with these cultural factors, which can increase the added value of products.

3) Use the connection between contemporary celebrities and products This is a method that is currently used in many ways. With the celebrity effect, it can quickly increase the popularity and added value of products. For instance, Yao Ming's endorsement of McDonald's products makes it easy for consumers to connect Yao Ming's healthy, up-and-coming, dynamic side with the product and create a desire to purchase.

4) Use of brand and related symbols and products. The well-known brands and their symbols enrich the value of the brand. With the use of the products, the value of the products can be rapidly increased. The signs and symbols of other authoritative organizations are also the same, such as the Olympic logo and the organic certification mark. , China's well-known trademark logo and so on. The above external resources that can be used to increase the added value of products are not owned or used by all enterprises and products. Most of the products can only look for features from the product and refine these features from the perspective of demand. , Form the concept of the product, through the graphic design of the packaging design, communicate with the consumer visually, so that the consumer knows the characteristics of the product in a short time, so that the packaging becomes talkative when we can only tap the product characteristics from the inside When we refine the concept of packaging design, we will find that some products have characteristics, but some products are homogenized with competitive products, and the characteristics are not obvious, and some products still have drawbacks to a certain extent. In response to these situations, we must use exaggerated techniques to characterize products based on the different needs of consumers before packaging design.

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