Maintenance techniques of UV light source and accessories in UV printing


The use of UV ink or UV varnish may cause the printing ink roller blanket or tree finger plate to swell. If the swelling is severe, peeling or surface cracking may occur. It is very important to use the designated rubber and tree finger.

Many UV ink suppliers will recommend a range of use, such as rubber cloth color nitration or nitrile nitration treatment materials can be used with oily UV inks and varnishes; while natural rubber and polyethylene materials will be swollen, not suitable for UV ink And varnish; EPDM rubber is particularly suitable for UV inks and varnishes, but not for general inks. The ink roller of the printing machine is also based on this principle. UV ink and general oil-based ink cannot be used frequently. If you need to change it, you must clean it up and remove all residual chemicals.

Generally, the type of printing machine should be considered when installing UV lamps. BASF's UV inks and varnishes use industrial pressure mercury lamps or microwave H bulbs. If the first one is monochrome, two 120w / cm medium pressure mercury bulbs should be used. In general, the difficulty of drying four-color UV inks is magenta, yellow cyan, and black. Therefore, the order of UV color printing should be black, cyan, yellow, magenta.

It is very difficult to adjust some colors. For example, green is made of yellow and cyan. In addition, it is also difficult to adjust the opaque color because it reflects the UV light back. The same problem exists with metallic colors, gold and silver.

The life of the UV mercury lamp is certain. The over-aged lamp tube cannot dry UV ink or varnish. The manuals of UV lamps mostly indicate that after about 1,000 hours of use, the UV lamps must be replaced. In actual production, if you feel that the printed matter cannot be dried at normal printing speed, you must consider replacing the UV lamp.

If the reflector is not installed, about 80? Of UV light will not affect the printed matter due to diffusion, so the UV lamp must be installed with a lamp cover to reflect and focus on the direction of the printed matter. Colleagues, the reflector must be cleaned and maintained at all times. Some paper dust or dust sprayed on the reflector will affect the reflection effect of the UV lamp; if the UV lamp is not used for a long time, the UV lamp cover should be closed to prevent dust from entering.

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