An example of abrasion of rubber roller of SCREEN5055 imagesetter


The SCREEN5055 imagesetter installed by China Daily found that there was black rubber powder in the drying part of the punching machine when it was used for more than one month. The source of the inspection was the first roller (upper roller) in the drying inlet due to the misalignment of the separation claws. (See picture).

The reason for the analysis may be that the upper heat dissipation cover (integrated with the separation claw) is pulled when the card is pulled outwards to make the separation claw misplaced on the roller. Since the rear cover is not opened when the machine is usually cleaned, it is not easy to find.

Because this is damage caused by improper use, it does not belong to the replacement condition of the screen company's warranty and cannot be replaced free of charge. It is hoped that when installing the 5055 imagesetter training in the future, it will be explained to the user that the position of all rollers and separation claws should be checked after card processing to avoid similar damage.

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