German researchers discover new treatment for Alzheimer's disease


China Education Equipment Purchasing Network News: According to recent news from the Ministry of Science and Technology, Alzheimer's disease is also known as Alzheimer's disease. According to the World Dementia Report released in 2011, about 36 million people worldwide are suffering from this disease. At present, there is no effective treatment for it in the world. In the past 10 years, more than 20 new drugs have finally failed in the clinical trial stage.

In early September 2011, two German research teams made important progress in this field, and their research results will provide new ways to treat Alzheimer's disease. One is the research team from the University of Leipzig. For the first time, they discovered a protein enzyme in the brain of Alzheimer's patients that prevents abnormal pathogenic proteins from forming in the brain. At present, the team's researchers are further developing new drugs that can prevent the precipitation of pathological proteins in Alzheimer's disease. The second is a research team from the University of Rostock. They have proposed another new way to treat Alzheimer's disease: by activating specific transport proteins, pathogenic proteins can be expelled from the brain before they cause damage. At present, the team's experiments in experimental mice have been successful. In the next stage, they will develop suitable drugs to prevent dementia based on this research.

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