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Evaluation time December 2009 Location: Yishan Road, Shanghai Jiajia Building Materials Store Deli Shower Room Store Evaluation brand Deli shower room (Deli shower screen Deli shower room offer Deli shower room review) evaluation product one solid three Living (8mm) linked sliding door screen S1333 product specifications Glass thickness: 8mm / glass screen size: 1400 (W) * 1850 (H) mm [non-standard specifications: W: 1400 ~ 2200mm, H: 1850 ~ 2000mm] reference price 4735 yuan / ㎡ evaluation project materials / accessories

One solid, three live (8mm) linked sliding door screen S1333, in short, it is actually a partition glass door. The product placement is more suitable for the indoor building structure with three walls and one opening. The crystal-clear partition glass screen effectively blocks the splash of water.

Main evaluation content:

"One solid, three live" flat-open sliding glass screen

"One solid, three living", as the name implies, is fixed by the edge of a glass screen against the wall, and the other three doors are movable sliding glass screens. The movable glass door screens are connected by fixedly connected pull rails. When pushing and pulling, the movable doors can realize linkage movement. Therefore, the opening width of the door is greatly increased. The linkage bottom rail is designed by Deli patent, which can realize clever linkage without collision and safety.

8mm thick tempered glass, resistant to high temperature impact

As the main material of the glass door screen, the quality of tempered glass is very important. Although there is no relevant national standard that specifically defines the quality of the shower room glass, industry insiders suggest that the thickness of the shower room glass is at least 6mm or more, and the price will not be too cheap. Deli shower room uses 8mm tempered glass. Each batch of glass is tested for appearance, impact resistance and thermal shock according to GB15763.2-200X and GB / T9963-1998 standards. Tap with your hands, the sound is crisp and crisp.

All the glass used in the shower room of Deli has passed the 3C certification. The obvious 3C logo can be seen in the lower corner of the door screen.

Main evaluation content:

Door screen accessories, durable

The glass door screen is covered with a light aluminum alloy frame, the material is round and smooth, the installation is more clever, and the sliding is light and not jerky. A stainless steel wall clip is placed on the side of the door frame, and the door screen can be adjusted in the vertical and horizontal directions to correct the errors caused by the wall construction.

The door screen is equipped with a pair of precision-cast bright silver handles, made of 304 stainless steel. The shape is elegant and delicate, the color is shiny, the hand is soft, the fixation is good, and the movement is smooth.

The top and bottom rails of the door screen are provided with a top structure. In addition to a certain degree of sealing and dustproofness, it can also prevent the door screen from moving when moving, ensuring smooth sliding.

This glass door screen is a translation type, therefore, both sides of the door screen are equipped with high-quality sealing strips. The use of sealant strips reduces the use of glass glue, and the water tightness is better. After closing the glass screen, it takes more effort to reopen the door, which shows that the airtightness between the rubber strip and the rubber strip is quite good.

External open boutique rack

There are three layers of boutique shelves outside the glass door screen, which are shared with the hand-washing table. The material is also 8mm tempered glass, and the edges have been polished, so it feels soft when touched by hand.

Evaluation summary:

Deli shower room S1333 one-solid three-living (8mm) linkage sliding door screen is one of Deli's patented design products. It realizes multi-door collision-free linkage, which will achieve a greater opening degree than single door translation, and at the same time, avoid the possibility of internal / external push-pull glass knocking. In terms of materials used, the combination of 8mm3C certified tempered glass and light metal, plus the coordination of the vertical and horizontal adjustment wall clips, the firmness is not reduced. The boutique frame is external and shared with the hand-washing table, exquisite and fashionable in style. However, the design of guardrails is lacking, and care must be taken when placing items to prevent them from falling down and causing injury. At the same time, considering that the stain resistance of the main material glass is not very good, it is best to clean the glass screen after each bath to avoid scaling.

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