Method for splicing continuous strips of packages and the resulting strips


[Abstract] A method of superimposing the cut ends of a continuous band of several packages or bags used for loading bulk materials using ultrasonic welding, pulse overlap or other means. Also disclosed is a device for a bonding method.

[Sovereign Items] 1. A method of splicing the cut ends (28, 29) of a plurality of continuous strips (10) for packaging bulk materials, comprising: forming a plurality of continuous strips of packaging (10) from the packaging material and bulk The material filling equipment packages the edge of the packaging material to form the continuous packaging (20), wherein the adjacent packaging (20) shares a common sealing area (24) of the packaging material in the adjacent packaging. An opening (26) is formed in the common seal area (24) between the (20) and the continuous strip is cut across the continuous seal (10) across the common seal area (24) of the package (20) at several separate locations ( 10) to form the cut ends (28, 29) of the continuous strip (10), wherein each cut end (28, 29) of the continuous strip (10) contains an opening in the common seal area (24) (26) ), and without using a strap, the two cut ends (28, 29) of the continuous belt (10) are overlapped together with the opening (24) so ​​that each opening (24) overlaps.

Source: Wanfang Data Resources

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