Research on Key Technologies of Packaging Container Transport Simulation (3)


3.3 Assembly of Packaging Containers and Cars

The assembled packaging container is placed on an already-built automobile model, and it is fixed on the automobile plate by three straps. The strap is simulated with the seat belt unit *ELEMENT_SEATBELT and a preload is applied.

3.4 Pavement Model

The road surface is based on a cobblestone pavement that complies with the US MGA standard, and pits as shown in Figure 5 (1) are added to the road surface according to the requirements of the road conditions.

4. Calculation and result analysis

The above model was calculated using dynamic explicit finite element software LS-DYNA. Make the truck run enough distance on the road surface. The simulation time in this example is 4 seconds.

(to be continued)

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