A new generation resin that provides significant performance improvements to the film


Dow Chemical Company introduced two VERSIFYTM plastomers and elastomers that allow thin film processors to greatly improve the performance of their customers' products and significantly improve processing performance and functionality.

This type of versatile specialty propylene-ethylene copolymer makes VERSIFY 2300 a good material for blowing stretch hoods, while VERSIFY 3300 is used as a tackifier for cast films.

The new catalytic technology combined with Dow INSITETM co-polymerization technology significantly increases the proportion of vinyl in the production of film raw materials, forming a unique molecular structure that brings unprecedented high levels of polymer properties and overall performance.

The VERSIFY 2300 offers the best function of the blow-molding hood to ensure that the cargo pallet is strong and abnormal. It gives the film excellent elasticity and good retention, allowing the film to adhere tightly to the wrapped goods, improving the stability of the entire tray. It has excellent tear resistance and greatly reduces wrinkling and "ear hole" formation. The industrial disposal problem is also very easy. Its thickness is closely matched to the packaged product, thus reducing the weight of the film. In addition, its all- ethylene/propylene structure facilitates recycling. Thin film processors benefit from its ease of processing, consistent processability, and no odor.

V ERSIFY 2300 is also suitable for a wide range of calendering and extrusion applications in addition to blown stretch hoods. It can also be used as a blend of thermoplastic elastomers.

VERSIFY 3300 is not only suitable for stretching adhesive and elastic film, but also can be used as a blending component of thermoplastic elastomer and thermoplastic olefin plastic. It is particularly suitable as an adhesion promoting layer for cast stretched films. This product can increase the adhesion of the film, and can be used as a low-addition blend: Generally, it is 5 to 10%, while VLDPE requires 30 to 40%. It stabilizes the performance of the film and can operate on a wrapping machine in hot and cold environments. Adhesion tests conducted after three months showed that its performance remained unchanged. And it has very low noise during processing.

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