Alcoa Develops Back Printing Shrink Sleeve Labels


Alcoa Flexible Packaging recently developed a 50-micron PETG back-printing shrink sleeve label that uses an interfering “flip” ink that changes color as the label tilts, with a white pearlescent surface print feature that increases the depth of the graphic .

These special printing processes are suitable for PETG, OPS and PVC substrates. Alcoa label printing experts can provide a variety of customized services to meet specific label designs and enhance market influence. In addition, the company also provides capping expertise, including translucent blue linerless caps introduced by the Alcoa capping system. The bottle cap does not need to use the cap gasket, it works well under the high-speed capping machine, and the laser tag is used under the cap to facilitate product promotion.

Seal-It is also actively exploring opportunities for shrink-sleeve label color printing technology. The company will exhibit thermal color-changing ink printing technology, which means that the label ink will undergo color changes when exposed to high or low temperatures. The use of color-changing inks enables a variety of marketing/promotional effects, such as the winning security code that is displayed only when the container is placed in a frozen or heated environment.

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