UV inks successfully solve flexographic product quality problems


In 1999, our company introduced two Canadian Abacus 25.5-inch and 16.5-inch 8-color flexo production lines, which specialize in the processing of cigarette flexible packaging. Because of its environmental pollution-free and beautifully printed products, our company received unanimous praise from customers.

Not long ago, our company received a processing order for a boxed soft pack. The printing sequence of the soft box is roughly black, dark red, light red, yellow and glazing. We sampled on a 25.5 inch flexo press. To a problem, the full version of the red pattern is composed of dots, the printing plate is a dot line version of 150 lines, the number of individual points is extremely low, the dots are particularly small, when printing with water ink, easy to produce paste version, just installed On the new version, printing does not produce a paste version for a long period of time. If the version is erased, it is easy to wipe off the very fine dots and it is impossible to mass-produce them.

We carefully analyzed the structure and process of the product and proposed a scheme for light red printing using UV ink. The principle of UV inks is to use UV (Uitra Violet or ultraviolet) light to irradiate acrylic ink. The photoinitiator in the ink absorbs the light energy of ultraviolet rays, generates free radicals through the excited state, initiates the polymerization reaction, and instantly cures and forms a film. We made some adjustments to the raw and auxiliary materials, using 500-line anilox roller, DuPont 067EXL-type plate, Selenco UV ink, 3M double-sided tape, flexo printer UV light source using four high-pressure mercury lamps, two output power For 1600W, the other two output powers are 800W. The used paper is 80g/m2 single coated coated paper. After trial printing, the problem of dot stencil printing is successfully solved.

We have utilized the characteristics of UV ink fast curing and low temperature curing to improve product quality, maintain consistent color, shorten the printing time, help the environment, reduce the risk of fire and improve the operating environment, fundamentally solve the ink due to Humidity, humidity caused by paste problems.

But things are not all plain sailing. We encountered another problem in mass production. The viscosity of the UV ink was not very good, the ink was easily thickened, and the leveling property was not good. It was reflected in the product that the layout was uneven. After dilution with alcohol, the ink contains too much moisture, the ink does not dry well, and the light-line layout is prone to viscous glue. We reviewed some data and purchased a special UV ink thinner to solve this problem. Our processed products have been recognized by users. This is where UV inks have helped us. In general, UV inks are used more often in products processed by our company.

The successful application of UV inks in flexo printing is enough to show that only innovation can make more beautiful and more satisfying customer requirements.

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