Novelty: What is the prenatal toy?


[Chinese and foreign toy nets] Consumer culture] Recently, a more novel thing: prenatal toys appear in many website news. What is an adult toy? The Chinese and foreign toy network Xiaobian found the answer through search. The following small series is represented by one of the more popular products, the smart baby prenatal toy, to introduce his origins.

Her Chinese name is called the maternal prenatal fetal model, commonly known as "smart baby." The body is 6.5 cm long, with small eyes and hands on the chest. It is made of high-quality latex. The shape is exactly the same as that of the fetus in the pregnant woman's abdomen. By stretching and stretching, the fetus will show a variety of appearances, sometimes with a smile. Sometimes the frown is locked.

Smart baby prenatal toy
Smart baby prenatal toy

In Europe and the United States, experts believe that pregnant women can play this toy for a long time to calm down and raise their qi, which is conducive to the development of fetal brain nerves. They are smart and beautiful after birth, do not cry, and have strong independent living ability. Therefore, almost all pregnant women in Europe and the United States will use this product as a toy, and they will be held in their hands all the time. Generally, every pregnant woman in low-income families will play about 20 during pregnancy. If it is damaged, it will be replaced with new ones. The income of the family pregnant women needs more than one hundred during pregnancy. If they are dirty, they will be replaced. When their baby is born, the mother will save all the fetal models that have been played and leave them to the children for permanent commemoration.

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