Precise positioning of ads, Kalaya to force 2011


As a new army in the field of high-end washing and hair care in China, China Cosmetics News began to make full efforts in 2011. In 2010, Kalaya and the Miss International Tourism Competition became strategic partners, and the only designated shampoo, hair care and styling products for the 2010-2011 International Tourism Miss China Finals. In conjunction with the International Tourism Miss, a more comprehensive promotion was carried out in 2011 through a large roadshow.

At the same time, Calella has invested more than 6 million yuan in advertising through the professional portals such as the most authoritative 360 ​​China Washing Cosmetics Network in the industry, as well as more than 30 online media and more than 10 product media from Sina, Sohu, Youku, etc. Brand promotion, in conjunction with Kalaya's 2011 national large-scale roadshow event promotion.

At the beginning of brand promotion, Kalaya has targeted the new media as the main form of communication. Mr. Shao Haibo, Marketing Director of Kalaya, once said that Kalaya chose the new media in the first time, which is to break the tradition and give people a new feeling. With the advantages of new media, you can more freely express the characteristics of Calella products.

With the continuous growth of consumers in the new era, in 2011, Calella will continue to combine strong online media, and with the ground to carry out all-round promotion, and continuously enhance the brand value of Calella. In the post-advertising era of cosmetics, the era of using advertising to fight the market has also passed, and excessive advertising can only add burden to enterprises. Kalaya, the advertisement is only for the people who want to see the most.

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Shao Haibo said that the sale of toiletries can be used to apply skin care products.

Wind and water from Calella to force 2011

This article originated from China Washing Cosmetics Network, specializing in creating the most authoritative cosmetics investment platform.  

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