What should you do to drive melanin?


The melanocytes of the skin produce melanin, which is transported, carried by keratinocytes, evenly distributed to the surface of the skin, and then falls off with the dead skin cells. This melanin metabolism process is the basis of the skin's color. Different people's skin melanin content and distribution are different, forming different skin colors; and the disorder of melanin metabolism causes skin pigmentation and pigmentation. Melanin metabolism is also affected by damaged and irritated skin.

The texture and volume of the skin determines the transparency and luster of the skin.

Healthy skin has a firm texture, abundance and elasticity, and a well-defined layer of skin that reflects the light in all directions, and the skin will present a woman's favorite pink, transparent and radiant qualities. When the skin begins to age, the gradation, texture and elasticity of the skin change, causing changes in skin radiance and permeability, and the skin becomes dull and dull.

Physical health affects the color of the skin as a whole

Physical and physiological changes and increased age will affect the body's levels of hormones as a whole, as well as the body's absorption and content of vitamins and minerals. This result will result in a variety of skin color changes. When people are happy, they will be described as “Peach Blossoms” when they are happy; when people are old or in poor health, they will become pale and dull.

Whitening ingredients have different effects

Whitening ingredients

There are many whitening ingredients used in cosmetics, and they are constantly updated and upgraded. Some whitening ingredients can play whitening alone, and some whitening ingredients need to be put together to make a difference. This depends on what the focus of whitening products is.

1. Vitamin C and vitamin E, as well as derivatives, have strong anti-oxidation, whitening skin tone, lightening pigmentation, enhancing the targeting and precision of whitening effect.

2. Antioxidant active ingredients of natural plants, reduce inflammation, naturally fade spots, whiten skin tone.

3. The acid ingredient, exfoliating helps to even out skin tone, moisturizes and diminishes the dull color of the skin's surface. It mainly includes salicylic acid, lactic acid, glycolic acid and hydroxy acids.

4. The active substance of kojic acid and its derivatives avoids excessive melanin synthesis and diminishes skin color.

5. Retinol can even out skin tone and brighten skin.

6. Unsaturated fatty acids, derived from terrestrial plants and deep sea algae and fish oil, are double insurance to keep skin white and transparent.

7. Nicotinamide, also known as nicotinamide or vitamin B3, has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, helps cells to restore energy, and plays a role in overall brightening skin tone.

8. A sunscreen that prevents excessive synthesis and accumulation of pigments.

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