The “winter” crisis of furniture companies is especially important for smart and environmental protection.


After entering October 2010, Mr. Zhang, who is doing civil solid wood furniture business in Beijing, became worried. The recovery of sales at the end of the year did not come as scheduled. “The sales volume has been reduced a lot when the limited house order was introduced. I thought that the end of the year will be better, but I didn’t think that the sales of furniture have not increased at all, and the days have become more difficult.” Enterprises cannot passively “winter”, and It is necessary to rely on one's own strength and courage to carry out the "winter swimming" campaign, and to be good at finding big business opportunities in the big winter and forming a big advantage.

Layoffs, austerity wars Mr. Zhang's company is medium-sized in Beijing's furniture companies, and both Jimei and Chengwaicheng have stores. Since the raw materials needed to make furniture are mostly imported from Russia, although the sales volume has dropped significantly, the import cost of wood has not decreased, and enterprises are facing unprecedented pressure.

Mr. Jia, who is engaged in sales of office furniture, is better than Mr. Zhang, but he also found that the demand for furniture in tenants in office buildings has been significantly reduced. When the reporter asked about the impact of the financial crisis and the housing restrictions on the furniture industry, he said that the crisis has affected the company's operations. Compared with the beginning of 2010, the company's sales have been reduced by at least 1/3 in the last few months. .

In response to the “cold flow” of the market in 2011, Mr. Zhang and his friends in the same industry have decided to lay off employees, and the scale of layoffs will be proportional to the reduction in sales. “If the company’s sales in 2011 decreased by 50% I will definitely reduce the number of employees by 50%.” Other furniture companies interviewed by reporters also expressed similar views. Reducing costs through layoffs is becoming a common choice for furniture companies to cope with the crisis. “In 2011, the concentration of enterprises may be stronger than before. The operation of large enterprises is good. Small enterprises are under pressure to stop production, and the concentration of industry brands will be significantly enhanced.” A vice chairman of the China Furniture Industry Association is accepting another media in China. The reporter said in an interview.

Innovation, brand war crisis At the annual meeting of the Beijing Furniture Industry Association, an expert said that after October 2010, industry sales shrank. Mr. Zhang judges that the same as their company has suffered a huge impact on the majority of the industry. Nowadays, only the larger and branded furniture companies are better off. "These products have high added value." A person in charge of the Beijing Furniture Industry Association also believes that enterprise management and product innovation of branded and large-scale enterprises are superior to small enterprises. When the crisis comes, the advantages of large enterprises are more obvious.

Even some large-scale brand companies, although the decline in sales volume is not as large as that of small enterprises, they also feel the breath of the cold current. In an interview with the Morning News reporter, a furniture chairman said that although the company's profit growth rate in 2010 is still more than 30%, it has been significantly reduced compared with the growth rate of 40% in previous years. “Considering the situation that the furniture industry is not optimistic in 2011, we will do more work on innovation, such as marketing innovation and product innovation, and seek new growth points for corporate benefits through comprehensive innovation,” the chairman said.

The smart and environmental warfare crisis year-on-year, this year's cabinet industry presents a very obvious feature, that is, the level of smart technology is higher. First-line brand cabinets such as Cobo Bolognese, Zhibang, Haosen, Gold, and Europa have joined the ranks of “intelligent cabinets”. LED LCD screen, touch drawer, lift cabinet... A series of cutting-edge technologies have entered the home of high-end consumer groups. Xu Xinqiang, general manager of Howson Wood Co., Ltd. said that intelligent cabinets greatly enhance the brand image and popularity, which is also the focus of the overall kitchen competition in the future.

In addition to higher technology content, environmental protection is still a hot spot for consumers to chase. After interviewing many consumers, the reporter learned that when they buy cabinets, they still put environmental protection first. “The kitchen is closely related to people's lives. Consumers are more likely to buy green cabinets when they buy cabinets. The competition in the industry is fierce, and cabinets of all sizes are fighting for 'environmental cards'.”

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