5 steps in spring and early skin care


Spring has come, spring skin care is also a secret, do you know the common sense of these skin care? Let's take a look at the 5 steps of the early spring skin care that Xiaobian introduced to you today.

5 steps in spring and early skin care

Step 1: Get a cup of honey water in the morning

Drinking a glass of water in the morning is a lot of MM know the secrets of skin care and beauty. Drinking water can not only remove the body's stools, excrete toxins, but also add proper amount of water to the skin to restore elasticity.

But what kind of water to drink is very particular. Some people say that they drink light salt water, and they are sterilized and bright. But in fact, light salt water is not suitable for drinking in the morning, causing certain damage to the kidneys. The most suitable water is honey water, which can help the gastrointestinal motility and provide nutrition, which is also beneficial to the skin.

Step 2: Gentle cleansing awakens skin

Wake up in the morning is your body, but the skin may not wake up yet, you need to wake it up with cleansing.

The choice of facial cleansers needs to be based on your own skin condition. If the skin is particularly dry, rough and sensitive, facial cleansers can sometimes become a burden on the skin. Adjusting the cleansing method according to your skin condition is the ideal form of “early morning beauty”.

In addition, in order to make the skin's "protective film" fully function, the morning cleansing is most likely to "overheat". If it is a very fragile MM, you can even use a cleansing product . Just use some water to massage it.

Step 3: Make a joint mask

In the morning we will brush our teeth, and the correct time to brush our teeth is more than 3 minutes. So what can we do in this gap?

In fact, we can take the opportunity to make a mask when brushing your teeth. At this time, it is best to choose a gel-like mask, which does not affect the washing action. Inserting the mask will not only make the skin more plump and moist, but more importantly, it will quickly excite it with your spirit.

Step 4: Brighten the skin by essence

Although the previous series of skin care has been carried out intensively, the tired skin may not reach perfect condition. Beauty experts have said that the absorption of skin in the morning is the best, so expensive skin care products should be used in the morning, such as serum.

When applying the essence, it is best not to waste a drop, let them fully function. The best way is to gently cover the face with your palm after applying the essence, and then cover the forehead, cheeks, chin, etc. The temperature of the palm can promote the skin to absorb the essence more completely, just spend a few more In seconds, you can achieve good results.

Step 5: Lymphatic massage

Beauty Dawang S once introduced the technique of morning lymphatic massage and skin care in the book.

Generally speaking, our face will be somewhat swollen in the early morning. The main reason is that the circulation is not smooth, and the facial tissues are difficult to metabolize water. Therefore, it is not enough to massage the edema of the cheeks. It is also necessary to supplement the lymphatic massage. The massage can be combined with the cream. The application of the smear accelerates metabolism and is healthy and healthy.

Massage on the edge of the cheeks: Make a fist, use the index finger and middle finger to press against the edge of the lower jaw, and slowly push it from the middle to the corner of the temple.

Massage of the sub-gland: From the end of the eye to the ear, gently press the recess behind the earlobe with the index finger - the sub-gland of the ear to help the skin to remove waste.

Massage of the neck: Pushing down from the neck and draining waste and moisture from the body through the lymph.

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