Physical activity storage bags, the latest method of food preservation


The “physical activity storage bag” launched by a certain company in Weifang, due to its superior performance, can effectively maintain the good quality of fruits and vegetables, prolong the preservation period of food, reduce the cost of packaging, and increase the economic efficiency of enterprises.

The fruit and vegetable efficient storage bag introduced by a certain company in Weifang adopts unique mineral materials and is based on high-quality imported PE materials and is processed according to the unique requirements of fresh-keeping packaging for fruits and vegetables. This kind of fresh-keeping bag will have many functions such as adjusting the gas, keeping moisture and mouthfeel, preventing the condensation of water mist, and inhibiting rot. It has a long-lasting preservation effect.

The preservation principle of fresh-keeping bags for fruits and vegetables includes: 1. The bag has a bio-breathable function, which can adjust the proportion of nitrogen, carbon dioxide, and oxygen in the bag, maintain gas balance in the bag, and prevent gas corrosion. 2 can inhibit the respiration of fruits and vegetables after harvest, reduce transpiration, reduce wilting, maintain moisture and nutrient loss. 3. Inhibit the breeding of various spoilage bacteria and prevent fruit and vegetable rot. 4. With anti-fog function, it can prevent water vapor from condensing in the fresh-keeping bag and avoid contact between the fruit and vegetable and the bag wall of the fresh-keeping bag, so that the problem of pre-anti-corrosion and rottenness occurs.

In the process of using fruit and vegetable high-performance storage bags, in order to achieve good results, we must also pay attention to the correct use of methods: 1. According to the agricultural season, weather conditions, harvest appropriate fruits and vegetables, after pretreatment , And then use high efficiency storage bags. For fruits and vegetables with trauma, they should be dealt with separately. 2. After drying the fresh fruits and vegetables on the surface, put them in a high-efficiency storage bag. Drain the air in the bag as much as possible, tie it up with a cable tie (seal), and put it in a cold storage or other cold storage facility. 3. Different fruits and vegetables should be packaged separately and avoid mixing. 4. After this type of fresh-keeping bag is washed and dried, it can be reused for two months, which can save resources and packaging costs, and is beneficial to environmental protection. 5. This type of storage bag should not be heated in a microwave oven.

The effective fruit and vegetable fresh-keeping bags introduced by a certain company in Weifang can be used in supermarkets, fruit and vegetable distribution centers, agricultural product export companies, etc. where there is a need for fresh-keeping packaging of live agricultural products. The specific fields for use are: 1. Cold storage. The use of fruit and vegetable high-efficiency fresh-keeping bags for packaging fresh fruits and vegetables can extend the freshness of fruits and vegetables, stagger the time-to-market, delay the time to market for fruits and vegetables, and increase the selling price and profit of fruits and vegetables. 2. Supermarket shelves. 3. Long-distance transport vehicles or ships. At present, there are two kinds of vehicles for transporting fruits and vegetables: frozen trucks and non-refrigerated trucks. Non-frozen trucks are mainly transported by foam boxes or blue boxes plus ice packs. The use of fruit and vegetable high-efficiency fresh-keeping bags for packing fruits and vegetables can reduce more than half of the ice, which can increase the number of shipments, reduce transportation costs, and reduce the loss of fruits and vegetables. 4. Family. The use of fruit and vegetable high-efficiency fresh-keeping bag packaging can significantly prolong the storage time of fruits and vegetables in the refrigerator and reduce the loss.

The fruit and vegetable high-efficiency fresh-keeping bags have a wide range of applications and can be used for the preservation of various agricultural products, such as: lettuce, cabbage, Chinese cabbage, Chinese cabbage, watercress, asparagus, parsley, garland chrysanthemum, spinach, beans, sprouts, cabbage, and vegetables. Orchids, peppers, bell peppers, carrots, carrots, cucumbers, squashes, eggplants, onions, garlic sprouts, leeks, tomatoes, vegetable corn, melon, celery, mustard, zucchini, melon, various fruits, etc.

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