Mahogany Box: The Great Wisdom of Ancient China


Mahogany Box: The Great Wisdom of Ancient China

Ancient medicine box

Mahogany Box: The Great Wisdom of Ancient China

Ancient mirror

Mahogany Box: The Great Wisdom of Ancient China

Ancient suitcase

Mahogany Box: The Great Wisdom of Ancient China

In the corner of the American living room, the lacquered box is used as a coffee table to place the hanging flower pots, which has a oriental charm. The bed in the French bedroom is made up of an old copper handle box as a bed stool, adding a touch of fashion.

Once upon a time, the boxes in ancient life have long been forgotten by us, but they have recovered their lost brilliance in Western style. Re-reviewing the most common and living furniture of this traditional Chinese tradition, we also discovered the hidden wisdom of the ancients.

Clothes box: flexible transportation, antibacterial and insect proof

Unlike western cabinet storage, in ancient China, the box was the main storage device. This may be related to the flexibility and ease of carrying the box. In the Ming Dynasty court painting "Out of Police Map", it depicts the grand scene of the Wanli Emperor's outfit travel. One of the scenes is that the four bearers carry a pair of lacquered caskets. There are also special umbrellas and guards to follow the class, as if the items stored in the box are very expensive. In the paintings of many ancient emperors and officials, it is often seen that the pictures accompanying the suitcases indicate that the furniture is common in ancient times.

It is reported that the origin of the suitcase in China can be traced back to two thousand years ago. The shape is mostly square, with copper handles on the front and side handles on both sides. Some suitcases will also wrap copper leaves around the corners to avoid bump damage. In ancient times, in addition to being used as storage clothing, the suitcase was also used to store valuables such as gold and silver treasures, books and calligraphy. In many of the existing ancient suitcases, many are fragrant wood, such as camphor wood, fir and so on. The special odor of these woods has antibacterial and insecticidal effects and can prevent pests. Precious silk garments, calligraphy and paintings need to be protected from insects. Therefore, the popularity of the suitcase has added a practical foundation.

In addition to the solid wood material, in ancient times, all kinds of suitcases were painted on the leather material, and the decoration was gorgeous and the ancient taste was full. Because the leather is more resistant to bumps and more convenient to transport. In the age of war, this kind of suitcase was often seen in the march.

Box storage, each with its own strengths

Perhaps because the storage of the box is more systematic, or because the closure of the box is consistent with the introverted personality of the Chinese, the ancient Chinese have a special liking for box storage.

In addition to the suitcase as the most commonly used storage utensils, the ancient Chinese also used a variety of boxes and tweezers to meet the storage needs of different products. These include a variety of different storage boxes, such as medicine boxes, mirror tables, official suitcases, and car boxes. They are divided into different categories and each have their own strengths, forming a complete ancient home storage system.

The medicine box is similar to the mirror table. Because of the special item storage characteristics, the medicine box and the mirror table have large and small storage drawers after opening, which is convenient for storing different medicines, cosmetics, etc., and is small in size and easy to carry. The official suitcase is the ancient "marriage". When the daughter is married, the official suitcase is one of the married furniture, which is used to store all kinds of dowry products, which is similar in size to the mirror. The car is also a kind of furniture that was born for special needs: ancient officials often need to carry official documents and memorials with them, so there is a narrow car that can be placed in the sedan chair. Even the seals of officials and literati have special seals for storage. From these boxes, you can also see the ancient Chinese people pay attention to scientific storage.

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