Strong heart, Apple ushered in new challenges


Many people will say that the departure of Jobs has also taken away some of the apples, and the development of Apple will become more and more difficult. But Xiao Bian believes that although Apple's father left, it is a challenge for Apple to find new opportunities and usher in the new dawn of Apple.

After Tim Cook took over Apple, he has been questioned by many people, whether it can create the legend of Jobs. I think for Cook, his pressure under the influence of Jobs is really great, and there is fierce competition from the industry. Cook must constantly introduce breakthrough new products before he can continue. Control huge market share. Keep Apple's high profit margin in the market.

Although 2013 market data shows that Apple's iOS operating system's global tablet market share fell from 53% in 2012 to 36% in 2013, but market share is not Apple's most important indicator. So far its market share has lagged behind android, but overall, Apple's profitability has increased significantly. Its profits far exceed almost all opponents. So for Apple, this decline is only temporary.

There are also many people who say that Apple is facing the grim situation today, why not take price cuts to attract more consumption. As CEO of Apple, Cook stressed that Apple will not pursue the market at any cost. Share. Apple's goal is always to pursue the best, not the most. And the most important thing for Apple to succeed is because they can launch their new products in time according to the market reaction, and the new product development will be better than the previous generation. There are also many people who question the launch of Apple 5c and 5s, but you can't deny that it is technically innovative compared to Apple 4, and its use is more in line with people's visual feelings. The added fingerprint touch makes 5S use more convenient and faster.

The current Apple company is indeed facing pressure from all sides, whether it is from its own internal, or the pressure of public opinion outside the world, or the eye-catching between the same industry, let Apple feel the realm of high places. But Apple has become a great company under the control of Jobs. In the past, there have been few companies like Apple that have launched a series of products like ipod, iphone and ipad in a short period of ten years. It is also a kind of pressure and pressure for Cook, who runs such a great company. Power can help him innovate better products. For Apple, which doesn't have Jobs, their battle is just beginning, and Apple will face new challenges.

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