Children's furniture occupies 9% of the furniture industry


Although China's children's furniture started late, market development is still in its infancy, but it has great potential. In recent years, with the improvement of people's living conditions, more and more children have their own independent rooms. Many parents have invested huge enthusiasm and financial resources in the layout of children's rooms. They are equipped with children's fun or can be shared with them. The growing furniture creates a good environment for growth, which makes children's furniture quickly blush. Judging from the development of the furniture market in recent years, children's furniture is one of the fastest growing categories in the furniture industry.
Classification of children's furniture
In the past two years, many companies have brought the term “teenage furniture” into the ranks of children's furniture, enriching this category, thus expanding the scope of children's furniture. With the improvement of people's living conditions and the increase in income, more and more children have their own independent rooms. Many parents have invested huge enthusiasm and financial resources in the layout of children's rooms. The furniture that grows together creates a good environment for growth, which makes children's furniture quickly blush.
Cribs and children's tables and chairs account for the largest proportion, with 38% of cribs and 35% of children's tables and chairs. These two types of products are also indispensable for children's rooms. Children's furniture mainly has two kinds of plate furniture and solid wood furniture. The plate furniture has good stability and is easy to install, and the color is bright. The disadvantage is that if the raw material material and processing technology are not good, it is easy to cause indoor pollution. The advantage of solid wood furniture is that it has the natural feeling of solid wood. The disadvantage is that it is prone to deformation and crack, and the color changes are not much. In general, panel furniture is more varied and cheaper than solid wood furniture. At present, the children's solid wood furniture on the market is mainly pine in New Zealand, Brazil, Russia and other places. Because of its wide acceptance and soft wood, it is safe for children. In terms of paint selection, environmentally friendly water-based paints are clear and tasteless and are favored by many manufacturers.
Market status of children's furniture
The competition in the furniture market is quite fierce. Although children's furniture is only a rising star in the furniture market, its vitality and competitiveness are also quite strong. The brand awareness of China's children's furniture industry has been awakened, and it has recognized the importance of the brand for the long-term development of the company. Therefore, more and more companies have incorporated branding into strategic planning.
Obviously, all of 2009 is higher than 2008, indicating that children's furniture is developing in an overall upward trend. Although the year of 08 to 09 experienced a global financial crisis, children's furniture is still developing at a very good speed. In fact, there is a big reason that the export of children's furniture in China is not very large. Most of the children's furniture manufacturers are mainly domestic sales, and there are also exports, but they are less affected by the foreign economic crisis. The first quarter of 09 is overall higher than the fourth quarter of 2008, indicating that children's furniture is still growing at a rate of growth in 2008 and entered the year of 2009. However, if the two lines are connected end-to-end in chronological order, there will be great volatility, which indicates that there are still some uncertain factors in the children's furniture market, and this small industry needs more experience.
After years of development, children's furniture has changed from a simple "small" furniture to a more professional field. The types are becoming more and more diversified, and the design is becoming more and more humanized. Consumers have also begun to pay attention to environmental protection and health, design perspective and brand awareness from the simple focus on prices.
Children's furniture Keywords
Children's furniture keywords: environmental protection
At present, the competition in the children's furniture market in China is very fierce. The environmental protection and design of children's furniture is the key for enterprises to seize the market. Children gradually become the focus of the family, so parents are most concerned about environmental issues, whether environmental protection is the focus of attention. Therefore, in the children's furniture market, we can easily find that the current children's furniture market is based on environmental protection as the selling point of the log design and the cartoon design that caters to children's psychology.
Children's furniture keywords: design
The design of children's furniture is always more innovative than other furniture designs. Compared with ordinary furniture, it has higher requirements in production technology, safety and environmental protection. The scale of children's furniture production must fully consider the physiological and psychological needs of children and reduce the design of sharp corners and cavities. Now when parents choose furniture for their children, in addition to environmental protection, it is necessary to look at its appearance, whether it is suitable for children, whether it is in line with the child's preferences. In addition to the first look and feel, the design also has inherent practicality.
Children's furniture keywords: growth
As children grow up every day, traditional children's furniture needs to be constantly updated like children's wear. Therefore, many parents are reluctant to purchase suitable children's furniture for their children when considering the use of long-term problems. In order to win in the competition, many brands have introduced children's furniture that can adjust the height and length, which greatly prolongs the life of children's furniture and broadens their own market. For example, Jiayu Baby Furniture is a kind of growing furniture. The decoration of baby furniture is characterized by flexibility. It will change the furniture style according to the children's growth needs. The furniture will grow up with the children. It is a very practical and economical. Novel and stylish children's furniture.
Children's furniture keywords: brand
The brand is particularly important for the children's furniture industry that started late. Many companies are on the same starting line. Whose brand can first accept the consumer, let the society identify, and gain a certain reputation and reputation. Leading the competition, it is emerging in the children's furniture industry. The company produces products with physical attributes, while consumers buy brands with emotional and spiritual support. Physical products will soon be surpassed or eliminated by competitors, while spiritual brands can be rooted in people's hearts, and can be endlessly produced through the product's “passing the family”. The children's furniture industry urgently needs to shape strong brands to maintain a truly lasting competitive advantage.
Prospects for children's furniture
With the rapid development of China's economy, people's thinking has been escalating. Parents are looking forward to success, and women's furniture is expected to rise sharply. Children's furniture presents a broad market prospect. Children's furniture brands have also emerged one after another, and the market is in turbulent battles.
The development trend of children's furniture in the past five years has shown an upward trend as a whole. A few years ago, several of the 100 companies were working on children's furniture. Today, 10 of the 100 companies are producing children's furniture because many companies have seen business opportunities and saw the potential of children's furniture development. , have joined the industry that is moving from the primary to the intermediate level. There are more than 300 million children under the age of 16 in China, accounting for about a quarter of the country's population. The importance that our family attaches to children also affects the development of this industry. It can be said that the development potential of children's furniture is still very large, but the timing is not mature enough. In the next few years, children's homes have three major development trends:
Children's furniture of the trend of the times: No matter what kind of furniture, as long as it keeps up with the trend of the times, it is popular, and children's pursuit of fashion is also in line with the trend of social development. At present, the fashion items of adults are dazzling, the children also want to have their own fashion, children's fashion items are gradually promoted, loved by children, children's furniture is also developing towards children's fashion. Children's furniture has a tendency to develop towards children's fashion. It is the first to introduce fashionable children's furniture in the highly competitive children's furniture market, to create a fashion space for children, and to provide children's furniture industry with a new concept to promote children. The rapid development of furniture. Therefore, furniture that keeps up with the trend of the times will seize the opportunity in the market.
Developing children's furniture for intelligence: Parents attach great importance to the cultivation of children's intelligence and are willing to spend time and money in this area. Because parents understand that the core of today's social competition is the competition of talents, that is , the training of talents, education , training, and use. Therefore, parents are increasingly demanding children, and they are also extremely concerned about their mental development. They try to train their children into useful talents. Through the subconscious of the puzzle children's furniture, exercise the child's thinking, imagination and hands-on ability to enhance the child's sense of innovation. In this respect, Fleiss is still relatively well-placed. Fleiss children's furniture allows children to entertain in a limited space, and based on the characteristics that Fleiss children's furniture can be assembled at will, it can cultivate children's sense of innovation and Hands-on ability. After the duality of practicality and intellectual development, the family will win a good market prospect.
Natural innocent children's furniture: This is a natural existence, a green form. The child's true nature is a portrayal of innocence, individuality, and freedom. But for a long time, the child has gradually lost the truth. At the same time the child lost the truth, the parents also lost a love for the child. We should respect children. If we let the children lose their true nature, the children will grow into the fruits of precociousness. These so-called fruits will soon rot, and we will create some prodigies of the old age. As China's rapid development and progress, the real appeal will be higher and higher. The "Nanzhen" children's furniture of Love Castle has created a natural furniture for the children, allowing them to grow up healthily under the objective laws of nature.
It can be seen that the development of children's furniture is not only a direction, but also has great market potential and business opportunities in every direction, children's furniture will become the star in the entire furniture market!

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