Rat β Amyloid (βAP) Elisa Kit


Experimental principle of rat β amyloid protein (βAP) Elisa kit This kit uses the double antibody sandwich method to determine the level of rat β amyloid protein (βAP) in the specimen. Microporous plates were coated with purified rat β-amyloid (βAP) antibody to make solid-phase antibodies, and β-amyloid (βAP) was added to the monoclonal antibody-coated microwells in turn, followed by HRP-labeled β-amyloid The antibody like protein (βAP) binds to form an antibody-antigen-enzyme-labeled antibody complex. After thorough washing, the substrate TMB is added for color development. TMB is converted into blue under the catalysis of HRP enzyme, and into the final yellow under the action of acid. The color depth is positively correlated with the β-amyloid protein (βAP) in the sample. The absorbance (OD value) was measured with a microplate reader at a wavelength of 450 nm, and the concentration of rat amyloid β (βAP) in the sample was calculated by a standard curve.

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