Three kinds of technology and model innovation of network combined printing


The innovation and development of web-offset printing in Taiwan can be said to be led by several unknown companies at home, such as Technology, Baisha, Jianhao and Kazhiwu. Their development can be roughly divided into two stages. The first stage is the period of gestation and trauma from 1995 to 2002. The second stage is the period of innovation and development from 2002 to the present.

1. Network Technology Innovation

The success of web-based imprinting comes from the IT of order receiving, automatic imposition and subsequent production process management. It collects scattered orders on the Internet and then produces them in the traditional printing method, obtaining benefits from the efficient IT management of the entire process and equipment . For Jianhao, it has established a complete network service mechanism through technological innovation, including layout design, product development, online transactions, standard operations, online color correction, customer service, production process automation, barcode management system, logistics system Wait. At present, Jianhao is continuously developing more functions and versions of the network printing system, and sharing its network operating environment with dealers. They hope to establish a complete international network trading environment to expand its network printing with other networks. The gap between printing companies. Through these innovative technologies, Jianhao may change from a combined printing enterprise to a network information technology service provider, which will focus on the establishment and maintenance of cloud systems, and will "print" the printing production according to the principle of proximity of geographical regions Handed over to the printing company with which it cooperates, charging system usage fees and processing fees for each network printing business.

2. Profitable innovation

The reason for the low price and high profit of network combined printing is mainly that after orders are concentrated, they are produced by combined printing, and then through a certain process streamlining and efficiency control, the profit margin is greatly improved. Generally speaking, in the price of traditional printed materials, the cost of raw materials accounts for about 45%, the cost of direct labor and manufacturing accounts for about 35% to 40%, and the profit margin is only about 10% to 15%, but the profit of combined printing is very high. Too. Taking the business card printed in combination as an example, the minimum ex-factory price for printing on both sides is about 16 yuan / box, the average market price is about 23.5 yuan / box, and the minimum paper cost per box of business cards is about 3.5 yuan, and the average paper cost is about 6 Yuan, so the cost of raw materials accounts for about 20% to 25% of the ex-factory price of business cards. After deducting the direct labor and manufacturing costs, the gross profit of printed business cards in combination accounts for about 45%. This shows that the added value of these combined printing products is very high, even if the price is reduced, it is also more profitable than traditional printing.

3. Capital flow management and innovation

Jianhao has always insisted on receiving advance payment or cash transactions when selling, so the capital flow is very smooth, and it should have a considerable cash balance. Taking advantage of these cash balances, Jianhao can ship in batches of 10,000-ton-worth when purchasing paper, and has greater bargaining power in front of paper merchants. Taking coated paper as an example, Jianhao can quantify the purchase of paper of the same specification and have sufficient cash, so its purchase price is below 680 yuan / ton, which is more than 20% lower than the current market price of paper. At the same time, when purchasing equipment and other raw materials, Jianhao insists on purchasing the most appropriate rather than the most expensive, in order to pursue the most appropriate rather than the highest quality, to achieve the best efficiency and output value goals, and thereby obtain greater economic benefits .

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