How to customize furniture


Core Tips | "With the advent of March 15th, the promotion of the revised version of the Consumer Protection Law is becoming more and more popular, but the lack of comprehensive publicity has caused us to worry." A certain furniture brand Henan distributor Guo My favorite, the most typical one is "consumer online shopping products have the right to regret", "7 days no reason to return." Because the one leaf barrier is less than the rest, all kinds of hidden dangers are buried.

There is no reason to pour cold water for the whole category.

The interview found that at present, many online shoppers are looking forward to the arrival of 3.15, because the "7 days no reason to return" right to the consumer will be officially effective.

"The first thing I poured to everyone is a cold water." Guo Xinyi said that the current public opinion propaganda makes online shopping "7 days no reason to return" everyone knows. As if the March 15th, people online shopping do not have to worry too much about whether the goods are suitable for themselves, first photographed the seller to deliver, after delivery to the home found that it is not suitable to return, anyway, within 7 days after receipt of the goods according to the law can be no reason Return. This is too much of a matter of course. As long as you move out of the law, you will know that not all goods are subject to “no reason to return within 7 days”.

Guo Xinyi said that Article 25 of the Law on the Protection of Consumers' Rights firstly determines the “repentance right” of consumers – “operators use the Internet, television, telephone, mail order, etc. to sell goods, and consumers have the right to receive them. From the date of the goods

Return within seven days, and there is no need to explain why. Then came a 180-degree big turn - "but except for the following goods: (1) consumers set; (2) fresh and perishable; (3) online download or consumer unpacked audio-visual products, computers Digital goods such as software; (4) Newspapers and periodicals delivered. Except for the goods listed in the preceding paragraph, other goods that are not suitable for return according to the nature of the goods and confirmed by the consumers at the time of purchase are not applicable for no reason.

“Even if the goods you purchase are within the scope of '7 days no reason to return', the return is conditional and has a price.” Guo Xinyi said that Article 25 of the Consumer Law also stipulates that “consumers return goods should be in good condition. The operator shall return the price of the commodity paid by the consumer within seven days from the date of receipt of the returned commodity. The freight for the returned commodity shall be borne by the consumer; otherwise agreed by the operator and the consumer, in accordance with the agreement.

Where is the custom furniture road?

Some furniture manufacturers are worried that custom furniture will become the hardest hit in future disputes. The reason for this is that although the new provisions of the Consumer Law clearly stipulate that “consumers have made” “not applicable for no reason to return”, the parties have not enough publicity to bring misunderstanding to consumers.

The interview found that at present, the commitments of the major furniture stores in the provincial capital "no reason to return" are ringing, and the time limit for returning goods has no reason to return from the first three days to the longest 30 days. But what about the implementation? Judging from the complaints received by our reporters, “no reason to return” is becoming the focus of complaints. Most of the complaints are “customized furniture”.

"We are propagating no reason to return, but there is also an agreement in the contract for custom furniture that is not suitable for no reason to return." Zhao Jun, a person in charge of a large home store in Shangdu Road, said that everyone noticed the store "no reason."

The promise of returning and returning goods only pays attention to the agreement on the size, material, color and price of the goods in the contract, and neglects the customary furniture in the contract "not suitable for the agreement of no reason to return."

So, why is the new clause in the elimination of custom products excluded from the “7 days no reason to return”?

The person in charge of Henan, a famous furniture brand from Sichuan, said that this is mainly because the custom furniture is unique. Every detail of the furniture is determined according to the customer's needs. If there is no reason to return the product, there will be no new buyers. Only the manufacturers are suffering. Therefore, the exclusion of customized products outside the scope of “7 days no reason to return” reflects the fairness of the law, protecting consumers and protecting manufacturers.

High-profile online shopping custom home has a high trick

Online shopping custom furniture does not have no reason to return, then, if the business as a reason to refuse the legitimate return of consumers, what should I do?

“Consumers should learn to eliminate hidden dangers in the process of purchasing.” Guo Xinyi said that we must choose strong businesses and brands. Such manufacturers will also provide more scientific purchasing services: the three-dimensional digital model, size and installation position of the furniture will be made according to the type and installation location provided by the consumer, and the production will be started after the consumer is completely satisfied. The most important thing is that the two sides must have the relevant dimensions, materials and other aspects of the agreement, and leave evidence.

Observer Lin Xuan said that from the standpoint of consumers, it is necessary to let manufacturers list the conditions for non-refundable, as long as these conditions are acceptable, they can protect their rights to the maximum extent. As long as the reason for the exchange is outside these conditions, the manufacturer cannot refuse the return.

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